Our ‘Quick Finish’ Basement Finishing Process is Exactly What You Are Looking For.

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Take a look inside the original "Quick Finish" Basement Finishing package for our Utah customers.

Permits, Layouts, And Design: We will professionally layout and design your basement with you. We also include handling all the city inspections and application forms associated with obtaining a city permit. We will even pay for it. (Up to $350)

Framing: (Labor and Material) Professional Framing as per layout- 16" centers which includes Draft Stop & Fire Blocking-Chases included, Repairs of all existing walls (if needed)-Frame around heat runs (as close as possible to limit size)

HVAC: We will professionally install 10x4 heat vents as needed per code as well as installation of cold air returns (as needed).

Electrical: We will professionally wire for all electrical boxes, lighting, outlets and switches as per plans and homeowner desires, we will install of bathroom exhaust fan (if a bathroom package is selected), we will install TV (RG6) and Phone (Cat 5) in all locations as per plans (one set per bedroom and family/living rooms), Wire For Smoke Detectors and one CO Detector in basement (as per code)

Insulation: We will hand install R-13 in all exterior wall locations as per code.

Sheetrock: (Material and Labor) Professionally install premium 1/2 Drywall throughout your basement, with upgraded premium drywall for tub or shower surround, tape and mud (Textured Ceilings and we will match as close as possible to the upstairs texture for basement walls)

Finish Carpentry: (Material and Labor) We will professionally install matching Baseboards and Casing, All Doors, Bedroom Space Saver Closets (That's 3 Shelves In Bedroom Closets!), Shelving for Linen Closets (4 Shelves).

Paint:1 Tone Paint (Owner to select color.) Base/Case/Doors/Walls/Ceilings are professionally prepped and painted. Utah Basement Company

Misc Hardware: Includes all Clean Out Covers, Register Covers, Matching Door Knobs, Door Stops, Closet Rods, Faceplates, Junction Box Covers,Install all light fixtures, And Touch Up Paint

Clean-up:Professional Cleaning Service throughout process. No Dumpster on Site. Trash will be picked up weekly as needed via our dumptruck.

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