Don't Cut Corners During Your Kitchen RemodelYour kitchen remodel might be one of the most expensive projects you undertake to improve your home, but the results can be amazing. While you own your home, your family will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so an upgraded kitchen is an enjoyable part of owning a home. Further, when and if you decide to sell your home, a brand new kitchen will look very attractive to buyers.

As you undertake this important renovation for your home, here's what you need to know about cutting corners and how to maximize your kitchen renovation budget.

Avoiding Cheap Products in Your Remodel

One of the worst decisions you can make during your kitchen remodel is to choose cheap materials across the board. It's better to make strategic decisions regarding the cost of upgrades and renovations rather than choosing features solely because they're the most or least expensive.

Some of the upgrades in your remodel where quality is important include good paint that won't peel easily, quality flooring that won't crack or stain, and sturdy light fixtures that will stand the test of time. A cheap floor is definitely not an area where you can choose the cheapest option and enjoy a long-lasting result.

Remember: Quality doesn't automatically mean expensive travertine. There are some great eco-friendly flooring options in cork, and new high-quality linoleum is also tough, sustainable, and affordable.

The labels of "quality" and "expensive" aren't one in the same. Just because something is expensive, that doesn't mean the product is high quality. Don't pay for a brand name that's expensive when a less expensive and identical version would suffice.

According to an interview in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a great contractor can help you find quality products that provide value without breaking the bank:

"If you look at the various countertop, tile, window, and door products, you will find that it's always possible to find quality materials at a reasonable price... It's the contractor's job to show the client all the options, which can take more time and work, but is worth it in the end."

Money Well-Spent on Kitchen Renovations

One of the best ways to stretch your kitchen remodeling budget is to splurge in a few areas and cut back in others. Your contractor is a great person to ask: "where can I save money in my kitchen remodel, and where should I splurge?"

According to the folks at The Today Show, counter tops are a great place to splurge, particularly if you'd like to see your kitchen remodel boost your home's value:

"When remodeling a kitchen, the number one splurge you should make is counter tops. They’re the first thing people see... Exotic surfaces make a big first impression and can set the tone of the space."

So that you can afford the cost of your luxurious stone countertops, you might consider using ready-to-assemble cabinets instead of custom-built cabinets. It's possible to find ready-made cabinets for most kitchens even if you're changing the layout of your kitchen or you have unusual size requirements.

Other areas where you might want to splurge include:

  • Backsplash
  • Fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Task lighting
  • Windows

As with all kitchen remodel features, your contractor is a great resource for letting you know where to spend and where to save during the project.

Cut the Budget, Not the Quality on Your Kitchen Remodel

Fortunately, you don't need to buy high-end everything for your kitchen remodel to end up with an amazing space. There are some savvy ways you can reduce the cost of your renovation while still making sure that you don't accidentally invest in cheap features and substandard remodeling materials.

According to Consumer Reports, one of the best ways to keep your kitchen remodel costs under control is to hire a good contractor:

"Choose your contractor wisely. While most contractors are reputable, the industry has its share of bad apples. Indeed, about 10 percent of our survey respondents said they were disappointed by their remodeler's cost management. Our advice: Don't chase the lowball bids, check references, insist on a written contract, and always pay by check or credit card, as opposed to cash."

In addition, Consumer Reports also says it's important to create a solid plan and stick to it during the renovation. Changing features after demolition and installation has already begun is a first class ticket to a skyrocketing budget. A great contractor can help guide you during the planning process.

Let's Begin Your Kitchen Remodel

We're excited to help you renovate your kitchen and improve your home's value with an amazing new space that will be a joy for your family each day. Utah Basement, Kitchen & Bath is an ideal partner for your kitchen renovation.

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