basement-remodeling-holladay-utah-2With a little imagination and the right basement remodeling experts by your side, you can transform your basement into a livable space that you, your family and guests will enjoy.

Why settle for a dark and musty space that is essentially a wasted area of your home? There are many ways you can transform an unfinished basement into something fun with plenty of functionality.

Here are a couple of tips to help you with your basement remodeling project:

Hire a Remodeling Professional

You should think twice before turning your remodel into a DIY project. The outcome will be 10x better if you hire a professional. Just make sure that you request a gallery or portfolio of past work to judge their skill level and potentially get some new ideas for yourself.

Find an Experienced Finisher

Understanding what you can and can't do with your given situation is key when planning all the details of a finishing project. A Salt Lake City basement remodeling contractor at Utah BKB can help you determine what materials you need, what type of ideas are best suited to your space, and what kind of budget and timeline you can expect -- all before the project even begins.

Deal with Potential Eyesores

If you have imperfections in your basement, you can easily hide them with the help of an experienced remodeling contractor. For instance, ugly overhead duct work and plumbing can be hidden in a variety of ways.

Choose Lively Colors

To help make your basement suitable for its new purpose, you should think about the colors you will use for the ceiling and walls. Make sure it suits the new and improved atmosphere that you're going for.

Install Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is everything, especially when you're trying to replicate a living space in your basement. You can have different types of lights installed, depending on the purpose of the basement. Overhead lights, dimmer lights and theater-style lights are just some of the options.

Use Finishing Touches

To add those final details to your basement, you can lay down area rugs and strategically hang pictures and paintings on the walls. These simple additions will go a long way toward making your space appear more welcoming, fun and livable.

Whatever you decide to do with your basement, make sure you have the help of a licensed remodeling contractor.

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