Todd Cella - Remoders on The RiseOur very own Todd Cella has been featured on the Remodelers On The Rise Show, one of the top resources in the remodeling industry!

During this inspiring podcast Todd tells his story and shares the unique way he hires, how cancer changed his life and gave him new ‘goggles’, how his family worked together to evolve their business when the economy plummeted, the speed of trust, and how he developed a concise and compelling guarantee for his business.

For all this and much more, check out Todd on the Remodelers On The Rise Show, co-hosted by Kyle Hunt and Ryan Paul Adams! The show is a weekly 30 minute podcast designed to inspire and inform remodeling entrepreneurs. Each week the show features interviews with some of the most successful remodeling entrepreneurs who share their journey and experience.

The show’s hosts are two of the most respected experts in the remodeling marketing field:

  • Kyle Hunt is the owner of Remodel Your Marketing. He works with remodelers and builders throughout the United States, implementing his proven and practical marketing and sales system into their businesses. Kyle resides in Michigan with his wife, Sarah, and their four children.
  • Ryan Paul Adams is the CEO of PME 360, an online marketing systems provider for remodeling and home builders, business consultant, and author. Ryan is a former remodeler and home builder, and continues to be active in the industry. Ryan resides on the coast of Maine with his wife, Leah and their 3 children.

Here's a snippet of the what to expect in this podcast:

Kyle: "Todd, share a story of a time in your journey if you could where you encountered failure. Take us to that time in your life and tell us that story and maybe share some lessons you learned from it."

Todd: "I have to go back to cancer. Last year, about this time, I spent two to three months dying. I had something wrong with me. We knew I had cancer. The doctors just couldn’t tell me what kind it was. And we struggled. I was out of the business for several months. Things kind of fell apart.

And by the good grace of God, they were finally able to diagnose me, get me into the chemo I needed. Currently, I have a clean bill of health. I don’t say this with pride. I say this with humility. I have a set of goggles on. I see things a little bit different now.

Life is truly short.

I’ve always wanted the business to be something that I can be proud of. And over the last year, I have worked my tail off to say, 'You know what, no! I’m not going to settle for what is. I know where it can be. I know what I can do with this.'"

If you're in the remodeling industry, this is definitely a show you can't miss, but Todd's message really transcends any industry or business. If you're a business owner or are simply working to overcome challenges in your life, this show should touch home for you!

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