technology in the home

Technology allows anyone to design their dream home with little effort. Image Credit (Creative Commons): Jeremy Levine.

Technology is evolving faster than ever before and every decade more technical advancements are achieved than in the 100 years prior. It’s not just changing the way we live our lives and interact with others, but also how we design our homes.

A few years ago the thought of using a computer program to design your dream home would have been an alien concept, but nowadays it’s a very real reality. In fact, CAD technology is now so readily available that most people won’t even start a major decorating project without having a near photo-realistic impression to assess beforehand. Melody Home has also seen rapid growth in the usage of technology, especially with their designing processes.


Years ago you would’ve had limited options with regards to furniture. If a cabinet wasn’t a perfect fit you would’ve had to bite the bullet and just say “no”. CAD has made it possible to make adaptions based on exact contours, ensuring that everything slots into place perfectly. Essentially, this means that everything is customizable and sacrifices no longer have to be made. Fundamentally, everybody can enjoy the pleasures of having a home that specifically designed around their distinct requirements.


AutoCAD software is now being used by virtually every professional and amateur designer in the country. According to Auto Kitchen it has a worldwide reach in the tens of thousands and requires nothing more than a computer to operate. It is software like this that has given small independent designers the same creative advantages as larger design firms. Some people are even opting to design their own rooms using downloaded computer software off the Internet, even though they have absolutely no experience.


Technology is streamlining everything in the average household. As things get smaller, faster and cheaper they’re becoming more accessible and easier to use. Even children grow up learning CAD in secondary schools and making designs that, for the older generation, would have only been possible with hard physical labour. Nowadays the process of building technology can be streamlined to the point where someone with no knowledge or training in a certain sector can create industry standard designs with little effort.


As technology advances, everything is becoming multifunctional. For example, companies such as Nicolas Anthony can create entire kitchens where every element of hardware is integrated with each other; fridges with coffee makers, ovens with the same interior style as the cabinetry, etc. Style fusions have been a trend of recent years and can only be credited to these phenomenal technological achievements.


Computer programs such as autoCAD contain enough design options to make virtually any home imaginable. For example, kitchen designers have access to thousands of different cabinet designs each with hundreds of customisation options. Everything from the texture of the surface to the contours of the design can be changed with the click of the button. Creatively speaking, we have never been so free.

Technology will continue to influence and change the way in which we live our lives. Even today the world is run by computers, and with such widespread accessibility, and devices such as 3D printers gaining popularity on the consumer market, it won’t be long until our homes become an actual physical manifestation of our personalities.