bathroom remodelA bathroom remodel can transform an old bathroom with ancient fixtures and old d├ęcor into a bright, new space. Remodeling may feature minor updates like new paint and fixtures, or it might involve something with more heft like changing the actual layout of the bathroom.

An experienced contractor can provide helpful guidance on updates and changes and can also save you money on the time and effort required to finish the bathroom. Here are a few smart projects to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project.

Choosing a Great Floor

The floor in your bathroom isn't an afterthought or a surface that's meant to match the walls and the cabinet. It's also a surface that takes quite a beating over time with moisture and frequent traffic from the family. It's important to choose a bathroom floor that will stand up to years of abuse, provide a safe walking surface, and be easy to maintain.

Trendy floors like limestone or porous natural stone look beautiful, but renovation experts say they can end up becoming stained over time if you don't seal them on a regular basis. If you're up to the task of such maintenance, go for limestone. However, if you want something that's easier to take care of, you'll want porcelain or glazed tiles.

Further, choosing a nonslip floor is important, too, even if everyone in your home is able-bodied and you don't need to design a bathroom for an elderly person or a young child who's not so steady on his or her feet. Regarding non-slip floors, the pros at This Old House suggest:

"Choose tiles with textured surfaces, matte finishes, or sand-containing glazes. Another option: small tiles with lots of grout lines, which offer better "grip" than large tiles."

Let your contractor show you a selection of beautiful floors that are easy to take care of as well as long-lasting and resistant to water damage and aging.

Consider: Linoleum has a bad reputation from the 1970s, but new linoleum is pretty amazing as far as its durability, affordable cost, and easy maintenance.

Consider Increasing the Tech in Your Bathroom

If you're living in a beautiful yet old home, the features in your bathroom would probably benefit from an update. However, that's not just the sink, toilet, and shower. You'll also want to look at the lighting and electrical outlets in the room.

Imagine you want your phone charging in the bathroom while you get ready, so you plug it into the wall. Then, you dry your hair and have to use the other outlet for the hair dryer. Are the outlets and the electrical system up-to-date? Are they hardy enough to withstand the demands of the modern, technologically-savvy family?

Curling irons, electric razors, and motorized toothbrushes are just a few of the gadgets you may use in your bathroom. Make sure the electrical system is safe and updated and ready to accommodate modern technology.

Savvy Features for a Well-Designed Bathroom

There's more to your new bathroom than an updated toilet, a new sink, and some flashy fixtures. "New" anything can make a space look better, but will it improve the functionality, convenience, or ergonomic appeal of the space? Consider these simple options before heading into your bathroom remodel:

  • Create niches in the bathroom for toiletries: Those wire baskets and hangers that swing from the shower head aren't attractive, and they're easy to knock off. How many times have you placed a shampoo bottle in there only to have it topple out?
  • Get a dual-flush toilet and water-saving faucets: The cost of water-saving faucets and a dual-flush toilet are in line with regular models that aren't designed to reduce water usage. There's no reason not to go for a dual-flush toilet today, and you'll save thousands of gallons of water each year.
  • Think twice about a pedestal sink: If you're after a classy, old-fashioned look for your bathroom, the pedestal sink is a terrific option. However, beware the loss of your countertop when you choose this feature. A little shelf jutting out from the wall usually isn't enough to hold your toiletries in the morning.

Likewise, you may want to consider the design carefully before you decide on a vessel sink. They're extremely popular right now in interior design, but the bowl that sits on top of your sink is tougher to keep clean, and it's not as convenient and easy to use as a traditional in-counter sink.

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