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Empty basement living room with kitchen design

Over time, the house you bought for your family has grown into a beloved home where you've made memories, but the thought of moving to a larger home for more space has been under discussion lately.

In the past, basements were one of the first places families looked for improving space in the home. Finished basements are becoming popular again as couples look for ways to get more room without uprooting the family from their home.

Should I Build an Addition or Finish the Basement?

The design of your home's yard might dictate what changes you might make to your home (a small yard might force you to build "up" instead of "out"). You should take a look at the basement as discussions begin.

Is a Basement a Comfortable Gathering Space?

One of the biggest concerns of the finished basement is whether a dark, dank space can turn into a friendly and comfortable room for entertaining, relaxing or any other activity. With an experienced contractor at your side, it's definitely possible to create a homey and welcoming basement interior.

Imagine walking down the staircase onto a plush carpet where cozy chairs and couches sit in front of an entertainment center. Warm light from beautiful fixtures floods the space, and the retreat is the perfect temperature despite the howling winds of winter outside.

Can you design a comfortable and welcoming basement? The answer is an easy and enthusiastic "yes."

Is Basement Remodeling Worthwhile for Resale?

If you're not currently living in your "forever" home, but you want to create more space for your family to grow for the next few years, additions and basement refinishing projects are a worthwhile idea.

If you want to stay in your home for the next five or ten years, but you plan on moving eventually, a basement renovation is actually one of the better renovations you can consider.

According to an article from HGTV:

"...many architects and contractors put the cost savings of redoing a basement versus an addition at one-third to one-half less, depending on project scope, area of the country, and professionals hired..."

To get the most out of your basement renovation, design it in such a way that you're not locked into a specific purpose for the room. Make it easy to switch furniture or décor around so the room can accommodate multiple uses.

What if the Ceiling is Too Low?

New homes with basements often have somewhere between eight and nine-foot ceilings, but an older home might not offer as much clearance. As you discuss your basement renovation with your contractor, you'll need to take a look at the amount of room in the space and whether you might need to consider some significant changes to get the ceiling height you want.

Consider: Most modern building codes actually require a certain height for clearance.

This Old House shares:

"Many codes call for 7 to 7½ feet of clearance. If you don't have that height, you may be able to dig out and lower the concrete floor, but it's a complex, pricey job. Ask your contractor if moving ducts and pipes might solve the problem."

Work With Utah BKB On Your Finished Basement

Before you even think of moving to a bigger home for more livable space, consider a cost-effective opportunity that's literally right under your feet – your basement.

A lot of people have minimalistic, boring basements. Unfinished spaces that aren't being fully utilized.

Utah Basement, Kitchen, and Bath can literally transform your basement from a space you avoid to a space you love. A finished basement means you'll have more room (or rooms!) for your specific needs.

By adding walls, carpeting, electrical outlets, lights and more to a basement, the space gets used for new and beneficial purposes. A playroom for kids, for instance, or a "man cave" complete with big screen TV and cushy chairs and sofas.

Some people even rent out finished basements to friends, family or tenants as an additional source of income!

That unfinished basement of yours has great potential; it's time to finish it. Call 801-939-3511 to discuss plans and options today.

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